Halloween Escape From Dark Game

Halloween Escape From Dark

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Halloween Escape From Dark is a brand new point and click scary forest escape game released by Top 10 New Games for more dose of fun and a spooky adventures with us. Have Fun!

There is a reason why a certain area in the forest had been forsaken, to really give a clear message of the place, forts had been placed around it to warn weary travelers to turn-back and not proceed any further, for what's up ahead is a place not for the faint of heart. The said area is cursed land and it's filled with the spooks as well as scary moving trees! One doesn't want to be next to them for if they catch something, they never let go until that thing no longer breathes! Maurice wanted to see what the place really is for he is quite skeptical about it, so he decided to visit it with the hopes that he'll leave from there unscathed, well hopefully.

Escape players, Maurice is definitely going to be lost and probably trapped in there, he can't really deny that fact for the stories are pretty solid of anyone not being able to leave from the place and live to tell the tale, but Maurice and his curiosity will prevail. Care to join in with Maurice here and see if you can all venture out of the spooks of the place? Good luck then everyone and enjoy!

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