Halloween Escape From Blue House Game

Halloween Escape From Blue House

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Halloween Escape From Blue House is the newest point and click scary house escape game created by Top 10 New Games for another dose of fun escapes with us. Best of luck!

The blue house which is what the people living nearby calls it sounds like a decent house, but it's actually the opposite and the place contains scary stuff and escape challenges! It's Halloween that evening and for Fred, it's time to try that house escape adventure in the said blue house. Fred is not going to be entering with some friends though, but he plans to go in alone which was absolutely a bad idea, and it really was for upon going-in, the door which he came through suddenly slammed-shut behind and now, he could not open it!

Fred panicked almost immediately, but he tried to really control his breathing and just relax so he can think of what he needs to do next. The blue house is more than just scary now, it was actually very scary! Fred needs to do something for he seems to slowly realize that there is more going-on here right-now. Escape players, join Fred as he tries his best to escape the blue house which was filled with the things that go bump in the night. Have fun and enjoy the scary escape.

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