Halloween Escape 2018 Chapter 9 Game

Halloween Escape 2018 Chapter 9

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When you were younger, your dreams were always about flying and falling. You saw that there were islands in the sky and people were living there. The sight freaks you out all the time but it became normal in the long run. You used to fear flying as you fear falling. But whenever you fall in your dream, you never hit the bottom. So you likewise enjoyed the fall in your dream. You never told anyone about this since it might stop your dream from visiting you at night. However, there was one old man who clearly described your dream in his painting. You only saw him that day. You haven't even talked to him since. Yet there he was painting your dream as if he was there. It seemed like the painting was calling you to talk to the man.

Then again, he was a stranger made even strange with his painting. So you walked away without turning back. That night, your dream came again. This time, you were not just playing along with what was happening. Instead, you were really there and everything that was happening depended on what you decided to do. It was Halloween night. Play Halloween Escape 2018 Chapter 9 room escape game by NSR Games.

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