Halloween Escape 2018 Chapter 7 Game

Halloween Escape 2018 Chapter 7

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Your friend is about to accompany you to a trip abroad when a sudden call changes everything. So you'll have to travel all alone next week. You can't cancel it anymore as it has been pushed back for too long already. You really want to let your friend hear everything you have to say. However, you know even that won't do any good. She somehow knows how you feel and come up with a special day for you to hang out. She'll be leaving in the next couple of days and she won't be sending you off to the airport. So as a peace offering to you, she buys you tickets for a theme park. She knows how much you love theme parks. This one is not off of your list yet. You didn't search anything about it as well for a surprise.

It's Halloween season and although you already know about this, you still have the chills thinking about the decors of the place. Most of the parks you've been to have cutesy designs. However, this one had scarier ones. You're hesitant to enter but your friend is already waiting inside. Something tells you leaving this place won't be easy. Play Halloween Escape 2018 Chapter 7 room escape game by NSR Games.

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