Halloween Escape 2014 Game

Halloween Escape 2014

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Assume in this game your daughter had just won a math competition in her school and you promised to take her to a nearby adventure park as an award from you. On friday afternoon after you arrived home from the work and she got home from the school you set out to have some fun together. Approaching to the park you glanced big billboards which promoted the place and you realized it was bedecked totally in the name of the halloween. Standing in the row which led to the entrance you became almost frightened by the lifelike horrific decorations. You were walking inside the big halls when suddenly the fire alarm turned on and the building became emptied. You had so much fun you didn't even notice it and remained in the building longer. When it was remarkable you wanted to get out but found the entrance locked by now. Find hidden objects and fit them together to escape. Good luck!



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