Halloween Dracula Beach Escape Game

Halloween Dracula Beach Escape

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Halloween Dracula Beach Escape is a brand new point and click beach rescue escape game from WoW Escape. Enjoy this escape here for someone who isn't suppose to be on the beach!

There was a party and of course, Charlotte was invited and the venue was in the beach wonderland! Her favorite too but it's not exactly a musical party or a rave though, it's actually a family reunion and there are a lot of them members which some, Charlotte doesn't even know. There was one though that everybody knows and many will be surprised on how old that one was. That said person is at least 500 years old for he was secretly a vampire! Charlotte and her family had this secret ever since they were born and who knows how many grandfathers of hers are after him. None of them weren't actually vampires though for his descendants arrived before he became an immortal being.

Charlotte still was baffled why would he be holding a party in a place full of sunshine and probably garlic? That actually got him in some trouble because of his attempts to escape the light which will obliterate him, he got trapped somewhere and the only person who noticed that was Charlotte. See, he is not suppose to be here for who knows the saltiness can kill him too. Well escape players, care to join with us as well and see if you can rescue Charlotte's ultimate grandfather out of where he is trapped? Good luck then and enjoy the beach!

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