Halloween Day Escape 2017 Game

Halloween Day Escape 2017

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After watching many horror movies, you couldn't get your mind off of the things you saw. It seems like they're everywhere. And they're haunting you when you close your eyes. So you have many sleepless nights because of these. You want to tire yourself out the whole day. Doing this, you're hoping to be able to sleep because of exhaustion. The forest looks like a good place for you to explore and get tired of walking. You even carry a big bag for added challenge. It's a bit gloomy when you arrive at the forest. However, the sun is still able to peek through the clouds once in a while. Then you continue walking deeper into the forest. You're very sure about your path since you have your map and compass with you. After a couple of minutes, you stop to take a little break.

You decide that it's time to look at your map and compass to check your location. But surprisingly, the compass isn't moving at all. So stand up to check if it'll move when you change your location. Yet it doesn't. Then that's when you notice the surrounding. It's the perfect place for zombies in this Halloween forest. Play Halloween Day Escape 2017 room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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