Halloween Cursed Princess Escape Game

Halloween Cursed Princess Escape

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Your parents used to work at the castle. They were very loyal workers and the royal family greatly valued their help. However, they were getting old and the family would want them to enjoy their remaining strength. So you offered to take their place. The royal family welcomed the idea and let you work for them. Your assignment was to be one of the aids of the princess. The princess was such a lovely girl with a very soft and warm heart. It was always a pleasure for you to be able to serve her. She was simple and kind. Once you made a mistake, the princess just gently brushed it off. But you promised not to make any mistakes again. You wished to serve the princess until you reach your parents' age. But you didn't think about the possibility of it not happening.

One night, it was raining very hard. Lightning and thunder were going on and on. You thought it was just a simple storm. Then you remembered the princess who was afraid of the thunder. You hurried over to her room to find her gone. Then you saw something that only pointed to one person, the witch. Play Halloween Cursed Princess Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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