Halloween Curse Witch House Escape Game

Halloween Curse Witch House Escape

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The mansion is just a normal old house filled with secrets and stories from long ago, but the place however contains mysteries and strange things which only a few people can disregard. According to one of the strangest stories about the place, there was once a witch living there and she hides her real identity by posing as a rich woman, she was very rich though but she was still a witch. Nowadays, the witch is now gone and who knows where she is, she just left the place a hundred years ago and of course it is safe to assume that she had passed. But as a witch well, she could still be around.

The house however still stands with everything that it originally has in it, visitors are open to visit the place but with discretion, for the house is still pretty active of paranormal stuff, and that day as Roi enters in it as a visitor for he decided to have fun on the day of Halloween, he did not expect that something serious will happen to him there for when he entered, he immediately was lost for the halls were just going from everywhere! There are also a lot of rooms in the place and it's very likely to get lost in the house. For now the paranormal activity is still silent, but Roi doesn't want to wait for one to happen there now. Escape players, will you join Roi on this escape here from a witch's former mansion?

Halloween Curse Witch House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by WoW Escape.

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