Halloween Conclusion Game

Halloween Conclusion

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Halloween Conclusion is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames. Have fun with the adventures here through the end of Halloween!

The witch's place can be very illusive, for it looks innocent and serene but actually, what's behind the illusions are dark things which the  people would absolutely not accept as normal. The witch likes to keep it that way so she won't get chased-down by an angry mob, that's why she enslaved one mortal to spread the news about her good-doings and if that mortal deviates from that or tries something funny against her, he is not the only one to suffer but the rest of the villagers near the place.

The witch had been living peacefully with the mortal who was Ivan, and through the years he had been doing his master's bidding in exchange for longer than normal life. Ivan could not escape her and well, he has nowhere to go to for his family and friends are already long gone, he was the last of his era who is still alive now. Well the witch is much older so she belongs in a different time. One day, it's that time of the year again where the witch mysteriously gets an extra boost of power, and that is Halloween! But in-order for that to be really fulfilled, a certain treasure must be retrieved and because it was last used the previous year, who knows which room is it hidden now among the illusion-filled houses in the place. Well escape players, Ivan has nowhere to go so will you just accompany him in finding the treasure that the witch needs? Good luck then and try not to get her mad. Have fun


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