Halloween Challenge Door Escape Game

Halloween Challenge Door Escape

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Come and check this door escape everyone from a spooky place. Halloween Challenge Door Escape is the newest point and click scary escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun!

The ancient structure is filled with history and darkness way-back in the time things were not pretty good yet, it was a forbidden place to go but now, it is sturdy enough to be made as a Halloween horror venue. It's actually quite pretty scary to go there but because of other people saying it's an interesting one to go into, Ryan decided to go try it for himself but for him, a seriously different thing happened and it's new for everyone who came in previously!

That eve of Halloween, Ryan tried the place but when he set foot in there, the door suddenly shut and it could not be opened no more! Ryan came in alone and still he is at the moment with who knows what powers became active here now. Maybe the place had enough of visitors and if that's true, then Ryan is getting all the heat for it. Escape players, Ryan must escape right-now for this situation is getting dire, care to try the escape adventure with him and see if you can all do this successfully as well as safely? Good luck then everyone and enjoy with us everyday!

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