Halloween Cemetery Escape Game

Halloween Cemetery Escape

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It's Halloween night and as a newbie grave-keeper, Hugh didn't want to stay among the tombs throughout the night and just be safe in the barracks overlooking the place for any activity. Hugh did just that and after a while he is slowly drooping his eyes, soon he will be dozing but then he noticed that something was missing in his person, and those are his most important keys to the entire graveyard! Hugh tried to find those in his station but it was really gone. Hugh has a strong hunch that his keys are somewhere in the grounds outside, but he didn't wanna go near the tombstones and look for something so small he can't see it until he gets near it. Hugh is weighing his odds now, he'll definitely lose his job if he doesn't find those keys and that is a lot scarier than seeing something which might only exist in his head.

Escape players, will you join Hugh here as he tries to find his keys which is surely somewhere in the graves? Place yourself on his shoes then and try not to mind that it's actually Halloween's eve!

Halloween Cemetery Escape is a brand new point and click scary place escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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