Halloween Cementery Game

Halloween Cementery

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Halloween Cementery is a brand new point and click item retrieval spooky escape game from Mirchigames. Enjoy on this one and may you have fun with us on Halloween!

The scary cemetery is pretty old but still, it had some real aura and a huge gate blocking the entrance to keep everyone out especially at night, one should not be there on such hours for the stories about the place when the sun goes down are actually real. But Aria must get inside it still for the pumpkin seeds have scattered around that area and those are not just ordinary seeds, those are magical ones and a few are inside that cemetery!

She must find all of those before Halloween ends and the sun rises, for the seeds will no longer be seen for it sometimes glows in the dark, which means the night is the best time to quickly find them. Escape players, Aria is absolutely in a tough item retrieval adventure here in a place not all people would go, but she has a mission and she must fulfill that. Join here then, use the best of your skills and logic on this one, open your eyes as well for clues which can all point you to the seeds. Good luck everyone, enjoy this Halloween escape!

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