Halloween Boy Rescue

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This house here is really not the one people should be entering into, but Todd who is quite a curious person still entered the place and he even did it on the eve of Halloween! That boy is definitely getting himself in some serious trouble, and when he did he definitely spiraled into one! But it’s not yet too serious though thankfully.

Todd just got trapped in the house and this is seriously not the situation he expected himself to be getting into as he entered the place, its like the place just became extra active, it might have for it is currently Halloween. Escape players, imagine you are the only help for Todd here, will you be able to free the boy by finding things that can open the door?

Halloween Boy Rescue is a brand new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game released by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Boy Rescue

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4 months ago

Dear Admin!
Is it possible to hope to see a new game of your authorship before the end of this year? By no means do I want to rush you, because I know perfectly well that VERY high-quality creations take time. And of course, I do not mean Halloween – as I understand it, this topic is not too close to you. I just missed your wonderful games – that’s why I’m asking.

Escaper Joe
Escaper Joe
4 months ago
Reply to  b1650424

Thank you very much!
I am working on some bigger games, completely new ones, and also I am finishing one edition of my old game at the moment.