Halfway to Christmas Escape Game

Halfway to Christmas Escape

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Christmas in the city is always lovely and lively. You see many people going about doing Christmas shopping, meeting their loved ones, and just enjoying the cold weather of the season. You're one of those people as well. However, you also want to see how other people celebrate the season. So you ask your friends about updates of their holidays. They pretty much have the same answers. But there's this one friend who prefers to see the forest. You ask her about the sights to see. But she only say to check it out yourself. You're expecting to see such spectacular displays because of the mystery. Yet you're also worrying if your friend meant something horrible instead. Then again, it's Christmas time and your mind automatically shifts to being in a happy and cheerful mood. So you're hoping to see the beauty of the snow in nature.

And it's exactly what you're seeing right now. You can't believe that you're looking at this beautiful scene during one of the most beautiful seasons. You walk around to discover more beauty when you feel a vibration in your pocket. Your friends want to meet up with you so you need to head back. But how? Play Halfway to Christmas Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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