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Hair Salon

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You had no idea that being a stylist in a hair salon would be this tiring. You were only visiting the city for a mini vacation. Your workplace was somewhere far from the bustling city. You liked it there since you loved the silence. However, you also wanted to experience the concrete jungle. So you head out to meet your friend who was working with celebrities. You didn't have stable internet connection or television with a good signal in your workplace. These celebrities might be extremely famous. But you only heard of them once or twice. You couldn't even give a name to their faces. Your friend always had to remind you of their names so you could greet them properly. One of the assistants of your friend wasn't able to appear. You had a lot of free time and your friend made good use of it.

You were just lounging about in your accommodation when your friend called you. She said she needed some help with her clients. You went to the location and a line was already there. You got to work immediately until the last of them left. Exhaustion got the best of you that you easily slept on the couch. You woke up to an empty salon with no way out. Play Hair Salon room escape game by First Escape Games.

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