Hague House Escape Game

Hague House Escape

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Out of all the places to visit, you chose the Hague House. It wasn't your usual choice. And it even surprised your friends. But you wanted to see a new environment. You really wanted to stay in the comfort of the oriental and simple environment. However, you'd be staying there for the rest of your life. So you tried to venture out to various places for a change. Most of the time when you'd be travelling, you'd read a lot about the place. You'd mark on your map the places to go and things to do there. But for this trip, you wanted to just go with whatever flow would materialize. There was a great chance of wasting time trying to locate places. Yet you knew they'd still be a part of a memory you wouldn't forget. The first place you looked for was your house accommodation.

You spent a great deal of time being on the road. Your accommodation was in a place you weren't expecting. The pictures on the internet showed gorgeous scenes but it didn't match with where you were. And if that wasn't enough, your exit from the house needed work. Play Hague House Escape room escape game by Mirchigames.

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