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Guitarist Escape

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You are in need of a new hobby. You look up things on the internet that may inspire you to find one. Unfortunately, these all seem boring. Suddenly, you recall that your friend is learning how to sing. A light bulb then flashes inside your head. You think you have come up with a great idea. You then proceed to call your friend and ask him if he wants to form a band. Your friend happily agrees.

After mulling over for hours, you decided to pick your instrument of choice. A guitar is a suitable accompaniment for your friend's singing voice. You ask around and try to find someone who can tutor you. Luckily, there is a famous guitarist just a few blocks away from your house. Afterwards, you call him and he also agrees to be your tutor at a minimal fee.

The first day of practice has come and you prepare to go to your tutor's house. You knock at the front door but there is no answer. You decide to wait a few minutes before knocking again. Still no answer. You go around the back and hear someone yelling for help. Your guitar tutor is stuck inside.

Guitarist Escape is a fun point and click escape game made by 8b Games. You must help your guitar tutor escape. Good luck!

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