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Guide Escape

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Alyssa was the new guest of the city and for her daily tour, she decided to seek the aid of her tour-guide friend who lives in the place. Her friend's house is located in the suburbs, when she got there through rent-a-car, Alyssa noticed the place to be quite peaceful, maybe she'll get herself a home there near her friend one day. Well for now she'll just ask a tour from her friend, but there was a problem however in her friend's place.

Alyssa went-out of the car and knocked on the door, no response, so she just entered the place then while yelling she was about to enter but right then, she heard her friend calling for help in one of the rooms somewhere! Alyssa responded and her friend told her that she got accidentally trapped in her room and because her phone and landline was outside from where she was, she couldn't call for anybody! It is a good thing Alyssa came-over, now she'll definitely help her there with her problem. Escape players, Alyssa is going to need some help as well, find clues and objects which can pry the door open as quickly as possible so she can safely get her friend out.

Guide Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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