Guest House Escape Game

Guest House Escape

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Davis went to the outskirts of town for he wanted to find peace, his stresses in his normal life are getting to him and the activity in the city seems to be not the cure for him, so he decided to try something else and that is to be with nature finally. Davis was lucky for he knows a few folks in the countryside, and he was given then the guest house which was standing in the middle of some greenery they said, it's a pretty classic house too and he thought that'll add to the vibe. Davis thinks he knows where to go after he arrived to the area, he was given directions before but it seems the place was not the way he was expecting.

Davis saw the place wasn't really different than what he had expected, the unexpected thing for him was the path and he had no idea there were more houses there than he thought! Well, he needs not to stand and freeze there for nothing will happen if he does, will you help him navigate escape players and see if you can find his guest house? Or even just the folks he knows?

Guest House Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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