Guava Fruit Land Escape

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A part of the forest here are all guava trees, it is a farmland actually and the guavas there are really growing in the perfect soil they are in, and that’s why they are yielding good product. Joseph is there that day for as an inspector in the land, his job is to check the guava trees if there are signs of disease and the like. But that day as he went, something unheard of happened to him and it’s a real problem.

Joseph got lost in the farm! This is definitely unheard of for him for he works there and he shouldn’t get lost. Well he is still good though, for where he is there are still guava trees and that says he is not in the vicinity of the nearby forest just yet. But Joseph here needs help though, for if he keeps making a mistake there then he could eventually reach the forest, that would be a problem indeed for this farm is vast. Want to help Joseph here escape players? Go ahead then and carefully get him out of there.

Guava Fruit Land Escape is a brand new point-and-click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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