Guardian Of The Forest Game

Guardian Of The Forest

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You were born in the forest. Your parents were trying to run away from a negative force that found its way into your home. It was trying to take you away from them to serve as the future leader. But your parents did everything they could to fulfill the prophecy of you being the guardian of the forest. However, in their efforts, they had to be away from you. The creatures of the forest took their place. Then you began to sharpen your skills with the help of the creatures you were guarding. But it was not very easy for you. A part of you still wanted to be a normal being without the heavy responsibility. Yet your reality stated otherwise. And this made you lose focus easily up to the point of losing your only way to leave the forest once in a while.

You were given this privilege to experience the world of the human beings. It was important that you understood how they were. It would help you in coming up with ways to protect the forest. However, due to your scattered brain, you misplaced the stones. And the creatures of the forest wanted this challenge to be a part of your training. Play Guardian Of The Forest room escape game by Mirchigames.

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