Grove Lake Forst Escape Game

Grove Lake Forst Escape

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The grove forest is called that for everything there especially the long rivers and lakes in the place never once move in a straight line, that's why they simply named it the grove forest and it is not easy to venture there for the groves not only move from side to side, but also downward! That can get one real injured if he or she misses that kind of grove, for some can go straight down or a steep hill going for kilometers. Still it is a wonder of nature and that is one of the recognized nature reserves in the country, a lot of animals are there and the reservation act is really saving them significantly from poaching. The nature-lover who was Kevin went to that reserve one day for he wanted to see what the forest is, he is not worried for he will be looking downward so he won't miss the dangerous groves, but little did he know he'll experience a totally different problem there as he roams around.

Kevin knew he was following the right path, but it seems that he had taken a different one for now he is suppose to be at a reserve station, but as he looks at the horizon, none can be seen in the distance! Kevin has a feeling that he is lost and it's not good if one gets lost in the wilderness especially when darkness falls. Escape players, care to join Kevin here and see if you can find your way back calmly? Be careful now and keep going.

Grove Lake Forst Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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