Grotto Cave Escape Game

Grotto Cave Escape

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Finding caves is what you like to do. You believe that there is a mystery in every cave and you are happy to solve those. You are one adventurous person so you didn't waste any time to go to the Grotto Cave. This one is the most amazing cave that you've ever seen. There are lots of rock formations in the cave that caught your attention. However, that is not the only thing that you saw on the cave. You also saw little holes and you got curious about it. Because of that, you went through those holes but you only end up lost inside the cave. There is nothing you can do but to find a way out on this cave. You are alone so you have to look for your own way to escape. Thankfully, there are clues that can guide you to the way out.

There are also items that you can pick up along the way. Those items can be very useful for your escape so you have to collect those. Most importantly, you have to use your logic to escape from the cave quickly. Grotto Cave Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames. Good luck!

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