Grocer Escape Game

Grocer Escape

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The only grocery in the suburban area was not able to open for when the crisis struck, the place was being renovated and now it's going to take longer for who knows when until construction can once again commence. That's why the grocer was pushed to only one solution, and that is instead of accepting guests in his shop, he will now be accepting customers living in the immediate area one by one through appointments to avoid clustering in his own home. Through weeks, people are starting to get some supplies and finally the day has come for Maria to go to the grocer and resupply, as she entered and begun gathering things she wanted to purchase, she realized there was something happening with the owner and it wasn't good!

The grocery man was actually trapped in his house somewhere for after Maria got irritated with the constant banging sound from the distance, she went to check it out and there she found him trapped! Of course Maria is going to rescue him, but the question is will she be able to and quickly? Escape players, come and give a helping hand to Maria here so she can rescue the trapped grocery man.

Grocer Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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