Greybeard Man Escape Game

Greybeard Man Escape

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Duff had been to many places in his adventures and as a young adventurer, it's a feat for he was able to do many things in such a short amount of time. One day however, Duff found an old house along the forest path which was leading to his destination and at first he thought the place was abandoned for the rooms there is close to shambling when he entered. But there was somebody in it however and that got him scared big-time!

There was an old man in the place and Duff doesn't understand what his intentions were for the guy just keeps coming at him! Does he need help? But why is he charging? Was he a spirit or something? Unlikely for he was solid enough that he knocked some of the old things in the place. Looks like the place is not at all empty, so Duff decided to leave and continue on his adventure, but there was now a problem for on his struggle to escape the place, he got trapped in one of the old rooms there! This is now two problems at once and he must solve this all right-now for maybe his life might be dependent of it. Escape players, will you be able to escape the house which Duff entered and safely too? Place yourself on his shoes then and stay alert.

Greybeard Man Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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