Green Witch House Escape Game

Green Witch House Escape

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Today is officially one of the worst days of your life. You're thankful you're alive, yes. Tomorrow's another day, yes. But you are in the moment of frustration now and you can't ignore it. You can't return to your rented room because the landlady kicked you out. Your payments were always late. Then your part time job was cancelled so you have nothing to receive. Good thing you have a friend who's well off and cares about you like a brother. He calls you everyday as his partner in business. After hearing of your troubles, he offers you a room in his apartment. You're now staying here until you come up with adequate funds for your own space. Everything's fine but you're really wondering about the music you're hearing every night. Your friend says it's from your witch neighbor.

You can't take rude jokes so you tell him off. But instead of changing his mind, he warns you. You should never get acquainted with the witch or you'll really regret it. However, you just brush his warnings aside. How can there still be a witch in this day and age? So you go to your neighbor's house to investigate. Play Green Witch House Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape to find out the truth.

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