Green Witch Escape Game

Green Witch Escape

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Witches weren't all bad. There was one witch who transformed herself into a lovely green butterfly. She fluttered by your garden of red roses. You couldn't help but notice the bright green among the red flowers. So you slowly walked towards it. It didn't fly away and instead stayed there until you turned to leave. Surprisingly, the butterfly followed you inside the house and even settled on your shoulder. You slowly began to feel strange and quite scared. The butterfly must've noticed this and she flew to your sofa where she transformed. You stood there with mouth wide open in a silent scream. She smiled sweetly and you slowly relaxed. There was silence in the room until the witch spoke once more. But as she was speaking, a black cloud entered through the window and engulfed her. You were confused as to what to do. Yet the cloud left suddenly.

The green witch sat on the sofa with shoulders dropped. Then you noticed her wand disappeared. She told you of how she gained her wand and what havoc it could cause. You understood here worries so you offered to help her find it. Play Green Witch Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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