Green Timber Forest Escape Game

Green Timber Forest Escape

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Across the land, trees are very different looking for most have a green tinge on them instead of purely brown, hence why the place is called the green timber forest for that reason. What's covering the trees aren't lichen at all, not even habitat which grows on everything when moisture is high, that's why one day Elijah decided to check what are those green stuff really and see if it is even a part of the trees there itself. He is surely going to record something new there for as a botanist, he had seen many new things in nature, that's because mother nature is constantly changing may it be for millions of years. As Elijah got there, he began his studying, but that unfortunately did not end well though, for in his hurry to collect samples from different trees, he got lost in the place!

Elijah didn't know what to do at first, collecting his stuff altogether? Or just find his way back? Well of course his safety is priority and he needs to find his way back first. Escape players, care to join Elijah here as he tries his best to escape the timber forest before he gets lost even more?

Green Timber Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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