The green octupus is inching towards the door in Green Octopus Escape.

Green Octopus Escape

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An octopus was captured by a deep-sea diver one summer afternoon. The fascinated diver kept the octopus that  turns bright green.  Soon enough, the octopus found himself in a small aquarium. He turns green whenever the diver approaches the aquarium, and the diver delights in it. Days passed and the octopus began missing his home even more. He soon executed the escape he’s been planning for awhile now.

The octopus climbed his way out of the aquarium. He went straight to the door where the diver comes in to look at him. The octopus was about to turn the knob when he heard whispers in the other room. Then he heard steps coming towards the door! The octopus hid under the coach quickly. The door opened and the diver came inside wanting to see the octopus. The diver knocked on the aquarium glass a few times because he thought the octopus was hiding. Meanwhile, the octopus began hatching another escape plan.


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1 year ago

This one is flash

1 year ago
Reply to  amadeus

Das ist Fantastisch!