Green Monster 2021 Escape

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The green monster, it is a scary thing that roams around the forest and it’s quite the creature, well that’s because it has horns and is of course green! As a researcher of the place, Butch did his best to gather data from this creature, but because it was kind of elusive and always roams around in random times especially when it is peaceful, any data from it is hard to get. That day though, the governor who is in-charge of the place did something, and for Butch it was definitely wrong.

The governor pushed an order to catch this monster for it is making people uneasy! Just for that? Even though the monster haven’t hurt anyone? But even then the governor’s plan was carried-out and in the end the monster was captured! This is not good for it and for Butch too, for he haven’t finish studying the creature and he doesn’t know if the thing actually yields good for them and the town they are living in, for it doesn’t really hurt people but is very secretive. The governor captured the monster and now a plan is also being carried-out for it, this is definitely a bad thing, that’s why Butch that night decided to free it! This is quite a dangerous thing Butch is about to do, but he needs to do it now or the monster will be gone forever. Escape players, Butch needs a little help here for he needs all of that which he can get so this can be successful. Will you be able to free the monster without triggering an angry mob?

Green Monster 2021 Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Green Monster 2021 Escape

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