Green Living Room Escape Game

Green Living Room Escape
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Emily's house repainting is finally done and her main color for the place was green! It was quite different indeed, but it wasn't bad for the color actually suits it. That day, Emily sat in her living-room thinking about what had been missed there and what must be added before she lets her family in to their newly painted home. She had a few things that she can add in her mind but as she thinks about it, little did she know that her house has something for her too.

Emily went outside to check the exterior of the place just to see what she can add there too, but it stuck into just a plan however for Emily could not get herself out of her house anymore! Emily tried to open her door which was the only way out for now but the thing wouldn't open at all. Emily needs help here but because she is alone at the moment, she couldn't get any of that. Escape players, will you help Emily though so she can escape her own house and find-out what really happened? Go ahead then, use your skills and logic as well as the rest of the things you can find around the house.

Green Living Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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