Green Forest Dove Escape Game

Green Forest Dove Escape

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Your neighbor had some doves going home in their bird house. You really don't know where he got the doves. You just saw them flying home one day and they made you smile. It was like your friend was a parent letting his children leave for he believed they would always come home. When your friend had to travel for a few days, he would ask you to just watch the doves leave and go home. You didn't really have to do anything as they pretty much just go about on their own. One thing you need to remember was to keep their food and water available. Your friend gave you pictures of the doves so you could check them one by one if you had some time. You looked at the pictures and at first glance they just all looked the same.

It took quite a while for you to notice the differences in them. It was late in the afternoon when the doves started flying home. You counted them and found out that one of them wasn't able to return. You immediately headed for the forest to look for the missing dove. Play Green Forest Dove Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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