Green Forest Cave Escape

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Green Forest Cave Escape is point and click game from Games Novel. Assume one day you were walking home from your workplace when suddenly you felt excruciating pain in your chest. You had to lay down on the pavement and you asked a passerby to call for an ambulance. The doctors arrived soon to the scene and ascertained you had a hearth attack. It was caused by the stress and the excessive work. You decided to change your lifestyle and the next weekend you and your family went to a hike in the nearby mountains. On the sunny friday morning you chose the daily destination which was a small lake amongst the hills. As you arrived you plunged into the cold water, then set out to explore he surrounding area. You found a cave which seemed to be the den of a wild animal. You entered and suddenly its entrance collapsed behind you. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out. Have fun!