Greedy Cat Rescue Game

Greedy Cat Rescue

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The greedy cat in the village belonged to the chief of the place and he lives in the really old stone bastion which had been used by previous chiefs since the birth of the place. The current chief was Terra and she has this cat who loves to go in different houses and steal food, thus why it got a nickname of the chief's greedy cat. Terra allows this for she can also see the greediness of the animal, but what can she do? The cat seems to be hungry all the time. But one day however, that simple thing actually got the cat in-trouble and Terra was of course up to rescue it!

Her greedy cat got lost and throughout the day, she had been searching for it but sadly, she couldn't locate her and it was even nighttime! Terra didn't want to bother anybody, so she looked for her cat alone until, she eventually found her trapped in one of the unoccupied houses in the place! It's a good thing she finally found her, but the cat is not in a good situation currently so she must get her out from where it is trapped. Escape players, Terra might use force here on the door if she can't get her cat out, but as much as possible she must not for the house is still worthy to live in. Will you help chief Terra in rescuing her cat quickly?

Greedy Cat Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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