Great Harned Owl Escape Game

Great Harned Owl Escape

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The children in the village was amazed with the great owl which their neighbor possessed. That person was already old and for a year, he had kept that owl chick which he found on the forest-floor helpless and it's weird for when he looked above, there seems to be no owl nest or a tree-hole or something. So the guy just took the owl with him and now, it is already learning how to fly. Pablo knew about the owl when the guy first took it in for he was the nearest neighbor to him, he was amazed as to what the owl had become, a big bird with razor-sharp talons.

One day, Pablo was relaxing in his home when he heard a call for him outside, it was his old guy neighbor and he needs help right now! His owl flew and it doesn't knew how to properly yet, so it went straight to that unoccupied house and it got trapped in there! The old guy was very concerned for he doesn't know if his owl is safe and the doors of the house is currently locked, it's unoccupied at the moment so he doesn't know how he will be able to get inside without destroying anything. Escape players, you might have an idea how to make the rescue here so, care to place yourself on the shoes of Pablo and see if you can help rescue that great horned owl?

Great Harned Owl Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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