The room has a dull color in Grey House Room Escape game.

Gray House Room Escape

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Janie woke up on a couch. She looked around and realized that the place isn’t familiar to her. She called “hello” to someone in the house but nobody is answering. The place could use some cleaning because of the dust flying around that can be seen through what sunshine manages too enter it. She peered outside the window and  strangely enough, she only saw a deserted neighborhood.

Janie went straight to the door but it was locked. The back door is just as locked and surely, the windows do not offer any chance of escape as well. She walked upstairs but at the least, the doors are open. The hallway has five doors. She went inside the first one, surveying the room. She noticed a green box on top of an end table and opened it. There was a note inside with a riddle on it. Reading carefully, Janie began to think. She thought that she’s going to solve it no matter what. Janie’s hunt for freedom began.

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Walkthrough video for Gray House Room Escape

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