Gray Cat Escape Game

Gray Cat Escape

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It's a very beautiful day. The sun is shining brightly and the skies are clear. You can't help but reminisce about last year's summer vacation in a foreign country. You're hoping to visit another one soon. But since it's not officially summer yet, you can only take weekend trips. And today, you plan to go to a pool to enjoy the bright sunny day. You're just in time as the pool has just opened. There are no people here yet. So you can have the pool all to yourself. You walk around for a little while before getting into the pool. While walking around, you see a very cute cat enjoying the sun as well. You watch the cat for a few minutes then you continue your walk. Suddenly, you hear a splash. Other people must have arrived so you walk back to the pool.

But there are no people in the pool and instead you see a cat. It's the same cat you saw earlier. You try calling the cat towards you but it seems too scared to move. You want to help the cat but you can't just easily go to it. So find other ways to help the cat. Play Gray Cat Escape outdoor escape game by The Escape Games.

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