Granny Escape Game

Granny Escape

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The only people living in the small area in the wilderness was Otis and his grandmother. There used to be a lot of them but the others have left and the old aunts and uncles have already passed. Now the 2 remaining people there help each other to survive at least for as long as Otis' grandmother lives for she was already sick but somehow, still pretty strong. One day, Otis was cleaning the other old houses which his relatives once lived in, he decided to make an even bigger home by renovating the thing, but as he was in the middle of the job however he heard a call for help and he knew then his granny needs something. But he never expected it to be serious though.

Otis went back to the house and he saw that the door was locked! That's weird, but Otis then realized his grandma cannot get herself out! Otis was mystified for he knew he didn't lock the door, but it's latched on and locked like somebody did it. That placed Otis on high alert for the lock is not really the type to lock itself accidentally, one really needs to tinker with it. Otis needs to get his grandma out for there is really nobody that can help her but him. Escape players, will you help the old lady as well using what items you can manipulate around the area?

Granny Escape is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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