Grandma Escape

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That day, Edward went to visit his grandma’s just to check-up on her and maybe help a bit for she can’t finish a lot of stuff there in her house at times for she is not the active and strong woman as she used to be. Edward brought some flowers too and supplies in case she needs them. As Edward arrives at the place, he enters the room and almost immediately, he heard his grandma call for help!

Edward was definitely startled for he didn’t expect this and because her tone is far different than just needing help to move something heavy, he definitely went quickly, that’s when he discovered then that she is actually trapped in her own room there! Edward have no idea what’s happened here, but this seems like a jammed door and who knows how long she had been trapped in there, that means he needs to get the door open right away. Escape players, Edward is not in his relaxed state anymore, he is feeling a bit panicked and that’s why he needs help. Will you be able to help him here in finding stuff and manipulate them to open that locked door?

Grandma Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.