Grandeur Villa Escape Game

Grandeur Villa Escape

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Enjoy the indoor escape here with us everyone. Grandeur Villa Escape is another new point and click escape game made by 8b Games for more dose of fun. Good luck!

The suburban area here has this one luxurious house and it's called the Grandeur villa. The owners of the place planned to build another villa in another area, that's why they gave the house to be bid on by the people who lives in the area. One of those bidders who actually had enough budget for the place was Alexa, before the bidding will start, the bidders must check the place first and if they like it or not. Alexa is very much approved and she hopes she'll have enough budget to outbid the top bidder. But unfortunately she'll experience something first in the villa as she checks the interior alone.

Alexa was going through the various rooms when at some point, she could no longer find her way out! The halls just keeps going to more rooms and it's a little bit confusing. Guess the house here has a challenge for her, all the more she wanted the place for herself and that only if she wins. Escape players, the situation to escape from the luxurious house here is yours, place yourself on the shoes of Alexa and good luck on the escape adventure. Have fun!


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