Grand Hotel Escape Game

Grand Hotel Escape

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Try your skills and logic here on this luxurious place escape game. Grand Hotel Escape is another new point and click complex escape game made by 8b Games. Good luck!

The grand hotel never really runs-out of guests and never closes, but there is a part that closes though and that is the hotel's dining area where Arnold is station on his duty hours. He had been serving guests there for years and because he had a lot of experience in cooking, he became a chief chef there and typically he is the last one to leave from the place so he can check everything that is needed for the next day prior. One late night however, Arnold discovered something pretty weird and because he is the last one to leave the place, he is the one who got the lot of that weird happening.

Arnold seems to be locked-in the hotel's restaurant now for all the doors including the back have been mysteriously locked! How can that be, for he is suppose to be the one that locks everything and now he couldn't get himself out. As the lead chef of the place, this is his kitchen and everything in it he controls including this weird situation. Escape players, care to join Arnold as he finds his way out of the hotel's restaurant somewhere? Stay alert as well for you don't know this could be a sabotage for him or the hotel itself. Enjoy the escape!


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