Graceful Friendly Alien Escape

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One starry night, Christopher was looking at the sky and he just admires what it is showing him. But at some point though he saw a very fast blazing stream of light and that landed in the nearby forest! Christopher went to it and he thought he was the only one who saw it for everyone is asleep. As he got to the site though, what he saw changed his life forever!

Christopher found a crashed ship and out of it is what seems to be an alien! That was the very night Christopher was changed, he began to  believe on things such as this and that alien, well they are friends now but this one however needs to continue on his hiding, for if the people finds-out about him then everything would dive into chaos. Christopher was carrying this delicate situation for a few months now, and everything seems to be doing well as the alien prepares his new ship so he can finally leave and return home. Well everything until one day the alien came to town and as a result, he got trapped in one of the houses there! He was downright lucky Christopher found him first before anyone else, what was he doing there anyways? And what was he doing frolicking around? Well questions will be answered later, first Christopher needs to get him out of there before somebody sees them. Escape players, Christopher needs help here now so he can get his friend alien out of the area as soon as possible. Will you come and help-out here before a mob forms?

Graceful Friendly Alien Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Graceful Friendly Alien Escape

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