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Gothic Room

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Try the scary escape adventure here everyone from a dark house. Gothic Room is the newest point and click house escape game created by Fun Escape Games. Best of luck on the escape!

The Gothic house is absolutely harmless and less scary during the day, but when darkness falls however, something very scary happens for the place gets quite aggressive and dark enough to get someone lost inside! As a person who loves adventure, Bart went inside the place and not just went there, for he got to the place in the dead of night which is one dangerous thing to do! Nobody guards the place even though it's a luxurious one, the stories alone are enough to keep the people away, but Bart was a daredevil and went inside, well the end result wasn't so pretty.

Bart was roaming around the Gothic house and from time to time, he gets spooked a little-bit and it was still cool, as he kept pushing further however he realized that he is now somehow lost and he could no longer find the exit! Looks like the darkness of the place is getting to him there, will Bart be able to find the way to escape through the rooms before another bad thing happens and make the situation worst? Escape players, you can place yourself on Bart's situation here then, have fun as well!

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