Gothic Blue Room Escape Game

Gothic Blue Room Escape

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The Gothic house was once a luxurious place in its time, it still is actually but it's very old and there are rumors that the place is haunted. It is one of those houses that are preserved very well, for almost every old item is still there and even though nobody lives in it anymore, the place is still being kept well for visitors who comes to visit. One night however, Cyril was not at all satisfied with his visit a week ago for there are a lot of places that are off limits and he was very much curious of what those are hiding. So, he went there in the dead of night to look around to fulfill his curiosity.

Cyril is definitely trespassing now, but he knows he won't be able to get some sleep for a long time until he finds-out what is inside those locked rooms. Cyril had now all the freedom to check everything there and at first he felt scared, but somehow he was okay for the air had calmed. but once again it escalated for he just realized he is lost! Cyril could not find his way out anymore for the halls were like mazes, he needs to get himself out right-now for he doesn't have a good feeling about this anymore. Escape players, how will you escape such a place in the dead of night if you're faced with the same situation as Cyril's? Come and check-out this escape adventure then and give it a go.

Gothic Blue Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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