Gossip Girl Room Escape Game

Gossip Girl Room Escape

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All the houses in the neighborhood are modern and have that security feature which triggers when an intruder attempts to enter one of them. One day however, one house had a major bug and that caused the house to lock unintentionally! As a repair man in the area, Nelson gets this kinds of problem once every month, but this one is pretty serious for a girl is trapped in there alone and she doesn't have any help coming for her! Nelson will be the one to save her for when he fixes the problem then the house will open-up again. Will he be able to pinpoint the cause of the locking?

Escape players, you are welcome to join in the rescue here with Nelson, try your best to get the girl who got trapped so she can be safe. Solve puzzles in the place and before fixing more of the problem, the customer's freedom and welfare is important and that's why you need to get the girl out of the place first.

Come and check the rescue challenge here everyone and be ready with the obstacles. Gossip Girl Room Escape is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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