Goose Golden Egg Escape

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You lived in this neighborhood for almost a decade now. You have seen your neighbors come and go especially the ones living to your right. It seems like the house doesn’t want anyone inside for a long time. Then one day, a farmer occupied the house. He was very quiet and he rarely got out of the house. However, you can see him moving around his farm and taking care of his animals. There was nothing wrong with him. You actually like this kind of neighbor, the one who lets you live in peace. Then a few months after he settled in, he brought in a goose. It reminded you instantly of the story of the goose that laid golden eggs. It was a classic story that you can’t forget. So you live in the fantasy of having a goose laying golden eggs next door.

However, your fantasy came true when you saw a golden egg rolling on the field. You tried calling the farmer but he was out for the day. So you picked up the egg to bring it back to the goose. The goose was locked up and you can’t bear seeing it. This pushed you to set the goose free. Goose Golden Egg Escape is an outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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Walkthrough video for Goose Golden Egg Escape

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