An old cage that housed prisoners is now empty in Gongtats Tunnel Escape game.

Gongtats Tunnels Escape

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The old tunnels of Gongtats is a long stretch that runs as far as the next province. During the days of the war, it is being used as an escape route by refugees. Among these refugees are faeries trying to escape their war-torn forest and the humans. The elder faes create portals within these tunnels because many more faes are going to pass through the tunnel. The portals lead to another realm where faeries are starting anew. Decades after the war, Clio finds herself in the tunnel seeking answers to disappearing people upon entering the tunnels. Her brother is one of those who went missing after exploring the place. Soon, she’s stumbling across strange symbols within the tunnels that she cannot decipher. She has no idea that these symbols lead to a place of wonder beyond human comprehension.

A new escape game is here from Ainars and sponsored by Escape Fan. You are in a tunnel where you have to escape by opening portals.

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Walkthrough video for Gongtats Tunnels Escape

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2 years ago

games does not work