Golden Pizza Home Escape Game

Golden Pizza Home Escape

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Football season is here and tonight is pizza night at your place. Moreover, it's also your birthday. Where you're from, it's customary to treat friends to a feast. However, you don't have enough money so pizza is all you can afford for now. In the meantime, you can still have a good celebration with friends who share your love for the sport. Five boxes of pizza arrived just in time. You paid for them and left them for awhile. But your neighbo0r, a fat grey rat, saw the pizza boxes and snuck to your kitchen to steal them. He went out the kitchen back door and you are just in time to see him escape to his own home.

You ran after him and you managed to get inside his own house. The house is silent and you carefully tiptoe arround looking for the rat. When you came into a bedroom, the door slammed behind you. You tried opening it but the door but it won't budge. On the other side of the door, you can hear the rat giggling and noisily munching.

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