Golden Hats Room Escape Game

Golden Hats Room Escape

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It's Friday night and you announce your engagement to your friends at a bar.  They congratulate you because they all think that it's long overdue. You are the only bachelor among young best friends and they are genuinely happy that you're settling down. However, they cannot wait for stag party so they arrange one on the spot.  They bicker for awhile and finally settling on what to do.

Three of your friends went left your table to prepare while your older friends sit you down for half an hour to talk. Later, the three are back with a few props at hand. They all took you to the VIP room. Your friends explained that this is a different kind of stag party because you'll only need to find stuff and follow clues. It all starts in that room and the prize would be an all-expense paid trip honeymoon from your friends.



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